How to choose a baptism medal?

Traditionally, on the day of the baptism, the person chosen to be the godfather or godmother offers a consecration jewel to the baptized child. If you are the lucky one to occupy an important place in this crucial stage, it is then advised that you find a jewel, in other words a christening medal that will mark the event for all eternity. The question is how to find the best model.

Find the ideal size for the christening set

If you do not know the exact size of the child, the ideal is to choose the standard size with a diameter of 18 mm. Otherwise, you can also choose the christening ornaments of 15/16mm. That said, in order to better know the exact diameter, you could for example take a coin from which you will choose the size of the medal. Indeed, a two-cent coin corresponds exactly to a medal of 18 mm in diameter. In addition, it should also be noted that the diameter mentioned by the sellers does not take into account the diameter of the coin, but that of the token. This generally makes a christening medal larger than a coin thanks to the presence of the clasp.

The medal to choose for a boy

The most important thing to remember is that there are no concrete rules for choosing a consecration jewel, no matter if it is for a girl or a boy. The important thing is to find the medal that will please him or her. However, there are many models of medals reserved exclusively for a boy such as angels or other models representing the son of God. Medals with strong symbols such as the Chrism, the cross or the fish symbol are also an excellent gift for a baptism. In any case, the best choice is to pick the standard size for a boy's christening medal.

The medal to choose for a girl

Medals representing the Blessed Virgin are the reference models for girls. For example, you can choose the Virgins with Child to reinforce the link with Motherhood. You can also choose the classic, modern or delicate Virgins. Regarding the size, the medal for a girl can be chosen according to all available diameters. However, if it is a woman, it would be best to choose a christening medal with a large diameter of more than 20 mm.
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