What are the benefits of obsidian stone?

Obsidian stone is a unique, magical and extremely powerful stone. Carefully handled, it can help you discover a wonderful world while protecting you from any energy with negative vibratory frequencies. In this context, why not let yourself be tempted by…

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The differences between natural and synthetic diamonds

Buying jewellery or other items made from gemstones gives you the opportunity to add some flair to your style. In addition, the value of gemstones continues to rise, making diamond necklaces, pendants and rings the top attractions for collectors and…

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The turquoise stone: a gentle blend of sky and ocean

Turquoise is one of the best-known gemstones. It is timeless because of its distinctive bluish colour, which can range from the azure blue of a summer sky to the deep green of an ocean or wild forest. It has been…

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When does sapphire promote meditation?

The sapphire stone is an element that can help you to succeed in your meditation sessions. It is highly valued for its calming and spiritual properties. If you wish to offer it as a gift, you should turn to a…

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Why does the emerald stone contribute to harmony in relationships?

The emerald stone is a symbol of wisdom, hope and insight. This stone has many names given by people. Over the centuries, many special properties and abilities have been attributed to this mineral; ancestors believed that one could see the…

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