Jewelry sales and purchases

What happens to the jewelry that I just got repurchased?

You may have already resold gold jewelry that you no longer wear and you would like to know what happens to it after it has been repurchased by an expert. Most of the time, the jewelry is recycled, but it…

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Jewelry expertise: how it is carried out?

There are moments in which the situation requires the sale of jewelry. These are valuable objects that are sold when you urgently need money and your money is not enough. Certainly, their value changes with time, but gold or silver…

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The main elements to know about the price of gold

The price of gold is fixed every day on the London Stock Exchange and is used as a reference for any transaction. Before selling a piece of gold jewelry, it is advisable to find out the value of the gold…

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Repurchase of jewels: whom should you trust?

Everyone has a piece of gold jewelry in his or her jewelry box that was bought or given to him or her and that is no longer worn because it has lost its sentimental value or because it is no…

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Getting your jewelry purchased by an expert: a few tips before getting started!

Getting your gold jewelry purchased by an expert is not an easy task. With swindlers and profiteers, it is very difficult to know whom to really trust. The roles have already been reversed and now it is the private individual…

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