The main elements to know about the price of gold

The price of gold is fixed every day on the London Stock Exchange and is used as a reference for any transaction. Before selling a piece of gold jewelry, it is advisable to find out the value of the gold at the current market price. One should be careful when buying or selling gold and refer to a serious intermediary.

To sell gold jewelry

Many people keep gold at home in various forms, such as jewelry, coins or even dental gold, but do not always know how to sell it. It is possible to sell gold coins, bars and jewelry by contacting precious metals professional or an online expert. It is important to recognize that the purchase price of jewelry is usually higher than the value of the gold it contains. In fact, when you buy gold jewelry, you are not only paying for the material, but also for the manufacturing costs and the craftsmanship. In addition, fluctuating demand can add further uncertainty. A specialist can accurately determine the gold content of an object, as the price of gold is set daily on the London Stock Exchange.

Indication of the gold content

If you are interested in repurchasing gold at Marseille price per gram, you should first determine the value of the item in question. A piece of gold jewelry has a hallmark that indicates the gold content or other precious metals that are part of its composition. It also identifies the goldsmith who created it. Typical gold pieces include 333, 585 and 750, which makes it possible to calculate the weight of gold per thousand.

Consult a qualified professional

It is advisable to consult an expert to find out the price of gold before buying the item. It may happen that the gold content is not clearly visible on a coin or that the hallmark has become illegible over time. The only solution is to consult an expert in gold repurchase in Marseille to determine the price per gram in order to establish the gold content of your valuable object. It is also important to know that the repurchase of gold or any other precious metal is subject to a tax and that the professional has the legal obligation to inform you of this.
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