Repurchase of jewels: whom should you trust?

Everyone has a piece of gold jewelry in his or her jewelry box that was bought or given to him or her and that is no longer worn because it has lost its sentimental value or because it is no longer in fashion. Moreover, there are some broken jewels, those that do not really deserve their place in the box anymore, but that we do not dare to throw away because they have cost us a lot of money anyway. Fortunately, some individuals are interested in repurchasing jewelry, just don't get scammed.

Where to turn for the repurchase of the jewelry?

Anything can be sold, as long as it is gold. Although the jewelry may be broken, it can be sold at a very good price. However, it is necessary to avoid frauds, which is why the best solution for repurchasing jewelry is to contact a professional. Scammers can be found in every corner, therefore for a gold repurchase in Nice trust the professionals who already have several years of experience in selling gold in Nice. 

What should I know before selling my gold jewelry?

The first thing you need to know before proceeding with a gold sale in Nice is whether the gold jewelry is of good quality or gold-plated, since buyers do not buy gold-plated jewelry. The second thing to know is the current price of gold. The third thing to remember is that it is forbidden to pay in cash to avoid money laundering. In this sense, the buyer must pay by check or bank transfer, and with the presence of identity cards. The fourth and most important thing is the signing of a contract to prove the sale.

What will the purchased jewelry be used for?

If the jewelry is still in good condition and signed or set with precious or semi-precious stones, it is possible that it will be resold since it will still have a value on the second-hand market. But if the jewel is already damaged, it will be melted down to create new jewelry. This last alternative emphasizes the purity of the gold, since even if it is adorned with stones, the repurchase will be based solely on weight.
What happens to the jewelry that I just got repurchased?
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