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How to choose a baptism medal?

Traditionally, on the day of the baptism, the person chosen to be the godfather or godmother offers a consecration jewel to the baptized child. If you are the lucky one to occupy an important place in this crucial stage, it…

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Bracelets designed especially for men

Nearly all men have a weakness for personalized and sublime gifts. If you ever feel like giving a gift to the man of your life on a birthday or other special occasion, you should think again. This could be for…

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What are the geographical origins of the ethnic jewelry?

Nothing can be lost, everything can be transformed, this is what happens in the fashion world today. For the jewelry, the ethnic models have become more and more sought after, since they are very trendy. They have several origins and…

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Which kind of jewelry for which body type?

The choice of fashion accessories defines the style of each woman. Jewelry is a true ally of princesses and can enhance or detract from a woman’s physical appearance. It is therefore recommended to select jewellery according to each woman’s morphology….

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A closer look at the ceramic jewelry trend

Although the world is distracted by gold and silver jewelry, ceramic jewelry is also becoming very fashionable. In addition, if before, we only knew ceramics for pots and vases, it is now gaining gradually the world of accessories too. There…

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Wearing an ankle chain: what are the significances of it?

Wearing a jewel chain on the foot is a derivative of the anklet that was used in ancient times to identify prisoners and slaves.  We also find this jewel among Indian women who wore it for much the same reasons….

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