Wearing an ankle chain: what are the significances of it?

Published on : 03 May 20213 min reading time
Wearing a jewel chain on the foot is a derivative of the anklet that was used in ancient times to identify prisoners and slaves.  We also find this jewel among Indian women who wore it for much the same reasons. Today, the ankle chain has become a trendy fashion accessory by itself.

A long history for a pretty little jewel

The ankle chain has a long history behind it, even if today many see it as a fashion accessory like any other one. For some, the ankle chain has a special meaning, worn on the right indicates that you are heterosexual, worn on the left expresses a homosexual belonging. In ancient times, ankle jewelry was used to tie up prisoners and slaves. In ancient India, married women who were thus bound to their husbands by marriage, which was displayed to the public by the ankle, wore the anklet. In our culture, the anklet is used to show that the person wearing it is “free”. Still, this meaning is controversial at best. It is better to think of it as a trendy piece of jewelry that adds a special touch to your look.

Evolution of the ankle bracelet

In ancient Egypt, women wore the anklet like any other jewelry, ring, necklace, bracelet to signify their wealth and enhance their beauty at the same time. At the end of the 20th century, American women began to wear it like any other piece of costume jewelry. Later, the anklet appeared in Europe where it was given more or less ambiguous meanings of its own.

Differences between cultures

Today, the anklet is worn as a piece of costume jewelry by many women of Asian or Oriental origin who use it to mark the rhythm of traditional dances in their country. In this case, the anklet is decorated with small bells or rattles to mark the rhythm. European women wear the ankle chain only for aesthetic reasons. This accessory allows to emphasize the general aspect of an outfit, to emphasize the ankles that are uncovered and to give an elegant or casual style to the outfit. The ankle bracelet combines perfectly with summer outfits whether it is shorts, skirts, long or short dresses. It can be worn with both barefoot and more classic shoes and helps to give a certain style to the one who wears it on his ankle at all times.

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