What are the benefits of obsidian stone?

Obsidian stone is a unique, magical and extremely powerful stone. Carefully handled, it can help you discover a wonderful world while protecting you from any energy with negative vibratory frequencies. In this context, why not let yourself be tempted by the splendour of this very specific stone and discover its powerful protective powers in this particular universe of lithotherapy?

Properties and virtues on the mental level

In lithotherapy, obsidian is a stone to be used with care thanks to its extraordinary properties. It is indeed a stone of protection endowed with a very important force against the negative energies. Ideal for sensitive and fragile people, it protects the mind from instabilities. Moreover, one of the virtues of obsidian on the mental level consists in giving you the desire to go forward and to change things. It supports you in making the right decisions. It does this by removing negative thoughts, anxiety and stress from your mind. All these negative feelings are immediately replaced by a pleasant feeling of serenity and well-being. Finally, it tempers violent and excessive behaviour, as confirmed by the virtues of obsidian on this link.

Properties and virtues on a physical level

On a physical level, obsidian stone helps relieve cramps, muscle tension and joint pain. It protects the heart and the cardiac system. Also, thanks to its detoxifying power, this precious stone purifies the body and regulates blood circulation. It promotes digestion, healing of the skin and improves the quality of the skin in the long term. In addition, women can use it to alleviate pain related to the menstrual cycle. It also protects the spine and soothes back pain. It also helps you to fight against all forms of addiction (tobacco, alcohol, etc.). Finally, obsidian stone improves the absorption of vitamins, which helps strengthen your immune system.

Spiritual properties and virtues

Among the virtues of Obsidian is that the stone also has a very important spiritual energy. Indeed, the one who wears it will easily find the calm of the soul and the inner peace. Very well-known for its openness to the celestial world, this wonder of nature is often used by clairvoyants to simplify communication with the parallel world. On the one hand, it acts on the root chakra at the base of the spine, which strengthens the feeling of security, offers a feeling of dynamism and promotes well-being and fighting spirit. On the other hand, the obsidian stone has a link with the throat chakra.
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