What are the geographical origins of the ethnic jewelry?

Nothing can be lost, everything can be transformed, this is what happens in the fashion world today. For the jewelry, the ethnic models have become more and more sought after, since they are very trendy. They have several origins and are well distributed geographically. However, regardless of its origin, each jewel has its own value and significance.

Egyptian jewels

Egypt is one of the great countries that make ethnic jewelry. Necklaces are what distinguish it the most so far. In ancient times, the Pharaohs had the best necklaces ever. There are several models, such as the Lotus, but everyone has their choice of design. The chain is made of silver and there is a cord of all colors. The peculiarity of ethnic jewelry is that they are very attractive, their shape and color respect the culture of the country of origin as well. However, Egyptian jewelry is suitable for almost any outfit you put on. However, the exotic look is more appropriate especially if you also have matching earrings.

African jewelry

Here, when we say Africa, we mean almost all the countries of the continent. Indeed, Africa is very well known in terms of ethnic jewelry. For example, in North Africa, there is the famous zagora ring. It is made of silver and you can put stones of all colors on it. As it is a must-have fashion accessory, you can match it with a rather classy outfit. The Moroccan bracelet and ring are also recognized as a fashion accessory. Made of pure silver, it is a great value item to wear with an exotic outfit. Since the two accessories are already matched, you do not have to look for additional ones.

The Indian and the Peruvian jewelry

In India, princess earrings are the most common accessory. Indeed, these ethnic accessories are even more popular than before. There are several models, but the long madras made of pure silver attracts more buyers. These are Indian accessories that attract not only local women, but the whole world to wear these pieces. They have the ability to make the outfit of the person who wears it perfect. Colored in flashy tones, they are suitable for special occasions. In Peru, the pendant-medallion distinguishes the country. It is an accessory, pendant with motifs combining flower, sun and star. It goes with all types of clothes, and is available in gold or silver.
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