Why does the emerald stone contribute to harmony in relationships?

The emerald stone is a symbol of wisdom, hope and insight. This stone has many names given by people. Over the centuries, many special properties and abilities have been attributed to this mineral; ancestors believed that one could see the past lives of a person through it. 

Lithotherapy and the Emerald Stone

Lithotherapy is one of the types of alternative medicine that has recently become very popular. It studies the effect of stones on the human body. It is a treatment using natural stones such as the emerald stone. In a broader sense, lithotherapy is any use of natural mineral substances to affect the human body or consciousness. Lithotherapy methods have been used successfully in different countries for thousands of years. The ability of stones to influence a person has been used since ancient times. Currently, interest in the use of the medicinal properties of stones is increasing every year. You can find out more by visiting minerals-kingdom.com.

What is the value of the emerald stone?

 The emerald stone is associated with honesty, insight, wisdom and hope. Green symbolises spring, vitality, youth and endless life. It is the patron saint of lovers, creative people and sailors. It helps to strengthen the family; helps to find love; and protect its holder against accidents on the water. The stone does not tolerate adultery, deception, or addictions. It teaches generosity, patience and tact. It also helps to find peace of mind, to maintain harmony and to improve relationships with others. The properties of the emerald stone make it a worthy amulet for young girls, mothers and newborns. It is a wonderful family talisman, as well as a powerful amulet for fishermen and sailors. According to an ancient custom, a piece of emerald used to be given to pregnant women so that they put it in the baby cradle after giving birth. 

The magical properties of the emerald stone

Emerald is associated with Anahata, the heart chakra, and Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. The energy of the mineral heals and brings joy and harmony to relationships. The stone gives great patience, maintains balance in relationships and marital fidelity. Emerald is known as a stone that can bring happiness to a family and strengthen marriage by harmonising relationships and it can also help in finding a life partner. To maintain your partner's loyalty and interest in himself, you should constantly carry a stone with you. It is advisable to choose a piece of jewellery that will be close to the heart, such as a pendant or a brooch. But if the gift is made with a selfish intention, the stone will not work, you must give the jewellery with love. 
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