The differences between natural and synthetic diamonds

Buying jewellery or other items made from gemstones gives you the opportunity to add some flair to your style. In addition, the value of gemstones continues to rise, making diamond necklaces, pendants and rings the top attractions for collectors and jewellery enthusiasts. If you want to buy diamonds, however, it is necessary to know the difference between a natural and a synthetic diamond. 

Distinguishing between a natural and a synthetic diamond

Natural and synthetic diamonds are indeed similar. However, there are different properties that distinguish these two stones which helps to find out which one is the more refined. First of all, it is important to know that natural diamonds are more valuable than synthetic diamonds. To identify a natural diamond, you can perform a few practical tests. To easily identify a natural diamond, take a sheet of paper and mark a line with a pencil. By placing the diamond above the line on the paper, you will notice that for natural diamond stones, the line is not visible. When buying your diamond stone, it is then necessary to carry out various checks to identify the value of the stone you are going to buy. You can also scratch a piece of glass using the tip of the diamond. If the stone can mark the glass, it is most likely a diamond. 

Identifying a real natural diamond from a synthetic diamond

If you want to buy a natural diamond, you should take precautions and carry out a thorough analysis before buying. Apart from the tests you can do yourself, you should consult a professional to be sure of the quality of the diamond you are about to buy. Professionals in the field of identifying the value of a diamond stone can also help you discover the qualitative characteristics of the diamond in question, i.e. the carat, the weight, as well as the quality conditions of the diamond in question.

The differences between natural and synthetic diamond stones

Natural diamonds are millions of years old, whereas synthetic diamonds are synthesised and manufactured diamonds. In terms of price, natural diamonds are more valuable and some stones are even very rare. If you want to buy a diamond stone, you should first weigh up the advantages of each type of stone. Natural diamonds are more expensive and rarer, but synthetic diamonds are easier to maintain and are very affordable. You can then choose your diamond stone according to your budget and your preferences.
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