Jewelry expertise: how it is carried out?

Published on : 03 May 20213 min reading time
There are moments in which the situation requires the sale of jewelry. These are valuable objects that are sold when you urgently need money and your money is not enough. Certainly, their value changes with time, but gold or silver jewelry can be sold at a significantly higher price in comparison to the old days. However, it is necessary to do an appraisal to offer the right price and not get defrauded.

How do the appraisals work?

There are always an increasing number of scammers on the market. Therefore, it is better to call a competent company to determine the value of your jewelry. The first thing to do in order to make the expertise is to identify the hallmarks. This allows you to know the condition of the precious materials inside of it. For gold jewelry, there are those that are made of 14, 18 and 22 carats.

Afterwards, the gem specialists characterize the nature of the jewel according to scientific, economic, aesthetic criteria, etc. Finally, they evaluate the value according to the quality of the jewel. In order to be sure not to be defrauded, it is necessary to opt for the jewelers who have a good reputation. 

Appraisal of jewelry following an inheritance

In the event of an inheritance, jewelry must be appraised to determine the equal share that each person should receive. Thus, more and more antique jewelry is appraised and with the passing of time, its value continues to increase. To avoid complacency, each of the heirs must be present during the appraisal and only one specialist approved by the parties involved will do so.

It is the estimation of the total value of the jewels that will be the basis of the repartition. The expert will give a confidential report after he has made the price estimation. The duration of the expertise varies according to the quantity of the jewels to be evaluated.

The expertise of jewels for insurance purposes.

If you also want to insure your jewelry, you must first estimate its value. This requires you to call a jewelry appraiser. Many people turn to this option to protect their property and get reimbursed in case of theft.

Thus, insurance companies first invite their clients to estimate the price and put it in the contract. However, when the appraisal is done, the specialist will make an evaluation of the purchase price, such as the purchase of gold Cagnes-sur-Mer. This is quite the opposite of when it comes to inheritance in which the sale price is evaluated. With this approach, you will get a fair price compensation.

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