What happens to the jewelry that I just got repurchased?

You may have already resold gold jewelry that you no longer wear and you would like to know what happens to it after it has been repurchased by an expert. Most of the time, the jewelry is recycled, but it also happens that some pieces find their second life.

Close-up on the jewelry sold

If you have chosen to get your jewelry repurchased to get rid of old fashioned jewelry or jewelry that you simply do not like to wear anymore, you may be wondering what will happen to it. It doesn't matter if the jewelry is new or old at first, it will undergo a rigorous expertise to evaluate its exact gold content. The jewels are made of gold of varying quality and before being melted down, a selective sorting is carried out to separate the different metals, eliminate impurities and refine the gold. The gold obtained is then transformed into ingots before being melted into a new piece.

Recycling of gold

You have some gold jewelry and you would like to resort to a gold repurchase in Marseille instead of leaving it lying around in a drawer. Some jewelers, goldsmiths and jewelers are specialized in this activity and make new creations from recycled gold. When gold is purified, it can be combined with other metals to make new compositions. It also happens that the ingots obtained from gold buybacks are sold to an industrial company that will use them in its production cycle. It is therefore quite possible that your recycled jewelry will reappear in life in a completely different form. As an example, a smartphone contains approximately 30 milligrams of yellow metal.

Repurchase of gold pieces at the current market price

Gold repurchase in Marseille is based on the current market price of the yellow metal. According to the numbers, a significant part of the gold jewelry sold by individuals is melted down before being transformed into new and trendy jewelry. It also happens that jewelry, despite its age, use or wear, gets resold. If the jewelry is engraved with a name or a date to commemorate a special occasion, you don't have to worry about it. The jewelry will be treated in a special way to erase all traces of its first life and to get a brand new sparkle.
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