Getting your jewelry purchased by an expert: a few tips before getting started!

Published on : 03 May 20213 min reading time
Getting your gold jewelry purchased by an expert is not an easy task. With swindlers and profiteers, it is very difficult to know whom to really trust. The roles have already been reversed and now it is the private individual who becomes the seller and the seller in turn becomes the buyer. It is quite normal to feel a little lost. That is why it is better to have complete information about jewelry repurchase by an expert.

What is important to know about repurchasing jewelry?

Before selling your gold jewelry, it is always wise to find out about the person who wants to repurchase it. It is best to turn immediately to a professional with at least a few years of experience in selling gold jewelry. You do not have to look for anything far, since you can get all the answers to your questions without even leaving your house. It is important to mention that the evaluation of the jewelry is free of charge and without obligation, and that for the repurchase of gold jewelry in Marseille, you do not have to go far anymore, because to make your life easier, it is quite possible to do the sale of gold jewelry in Marseille

What is required to know about the sale?

It has become common practice to have your jewelry repurchased by an expert. That is the reason why there is a regulation that has been established regarding this kind of sale. As we are talking about a private individual who sells his goods to a professional, the private individual is allowed two days to think about it in order to retract his offer in case of withdrawal or doubt. You have therefore a complete freedom of choice on the sale or refusal of the sale of your jewels.

What kind of gold jewelry is eligible for sale ?

Whether it is a broken piece of jewelry or a piece of jewelry you just want to dispose of, as long as it is gold and not gold-plated, then it can be sold. If it is a piece of jewelry from a major brand or an antique watch that is still in good condition, the price may be higher than the price of gold, because it is not only the alloy and the value that count, but also the goldsmith’s work. In case the jewel is broken, the price will be based on its weight and the current price of gold.

What happens to the jewelry that I just got repurchased?
Jewelry expertise: how it is carried out?

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