Which kind of jewelry for which body type?

The choice of fashion accessories defines the style of each woman. Jewelry is a true ally of princesses and can enhance or detract from a woman's physical appearance. It is therefore recommended to select jewellery according to each woman's morphology. Follow this guide to avoid looking embarrassing on a daily basis or at a special event.

Enhance your slim silhouette with minimalist jewelry

Fashionistas think about jewelry and body type every day from the very beginning. In fact, your physique should be considered when investing in jewelry. Are you a slim woman? Jewelry that is too flashy may ruin your outfit. You should opt for a thin necklace with a pretty pendant in a light color. Forget bracelets and large rings as well. Do not hesitate to show off your small wrist by wearing a very discreet watch. On the other hand, if you have a Creole face, voluminous earrings will suit you perfectly. Find yourself some beautiful round earrings for your next outing with your friends.  If you have a large chest, go for a slender necklace. To avoid accentuating flat chests, say goodbye to turtlenecks. Choose a top that shows off your chest. At the same time, wear a choker about 35 to 38 cm in diameter.

Refine your curves with loose jewelry

It is possible to hide some body imperfections by wearing the right fashion accessories. Whatever your taste, you should consider both jewelry and body type. If you already have a large body, large pearls on the ears and neck will increase your volume. Choose thin and drooping earrings. That guarantees an elongation of your round face. As for the necklace, choose a V-shaped model. When you want to join a party, a single ring will be enough. You should avoid putting too much weight on your fingers. To remain pretty despite your curves, do not hesitate to renew your wardrobe and your jewelry box. Black clothes will make your silhouette look slimmer. You should only wear jewelry that is discreet enough for your body.

Find the right jewel for your body shape online

Jewelry and body shape are the best allies of a woman. You should review your jewelry collection as soon as you notice that you have lost or gained weight. To buy the jewelry of your dreams, consult your online jewelry store. You will find precious and costume jewelry that fits your budget. You will have a complete catalog of high quality jewelry in just a few minutes. However, if you wish to order personalized jewelry sets, it is wise to make an appointment with a jewelry designer.
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